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Arturo Serrano Plaja [1909–1979]

Date of Birth: 1 Jan 1909 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Died: 16 Jun 1979 Santa Barbara/USA (age 70)

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1921 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Attends the Agustinos secondary school.
1932 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Meets César Vallejo and other poets.
1932 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Co-founder of the journal Revista Nueva, with Juan Antonio Maravall, Leopoldo Panero, Dionisio Ridruejo and Javier Echarri.
1932–1935 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Writes for the newspaper El Sol.
1932–1967 Minneapolis
Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Minnesota.
1933 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Co-founder of Hoja Literaria with Enrique Azcoaga and Antonio Sánchez Barbudo.
1934–1936 Madrid
His poems are published in Octubre, Frente Literario and Caballo Verde para la Poesía.
1935 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Co-founder, with César M. Arconada and Emilio Delgado, of the journal El Tiempo Presente.
1936–1939 Spain
Serves as a soldier. Publishes his verses in Hora de España.
1937 Appointed secretary of the 2nd International Coongress of Anti-fascist Writers.
1939 Saint-Cyprien
Concentration Camp.
1940 Santiago de Chile
1940–1945 Buenos Aires
1942 Buenos Aires
Co-founder, with Lorenzo Varela, of the journal De Mar a Mar.
1945–1961 Paris
Lives in Paris.
1961–1962 Minnesota
Becomes professor at the university of Wisconsin after his friend Antonio Sanchez Barbudo's invitation.
1967–1977 Santa Barbara/USA
Appointed professor of Spanish Literature.
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