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Juan Rejano [1903–1976]

Date of Birth: 20 Oct 1903 Puente Genil/ Córdoba
Died: 4 Jul 1976 Mexico D. F. (age 72)

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Writer, journalist and poet associated with the Generation of 1927. Francisco Arias Solis has written that 'en Rejano convivía junto al poeta comprometido y solidario, testimonial y militante, el poeta contemplativo e intimista, subjetivo y soñador.' ([http://franciscoarias.blogdiario.com/1179515040/juan-rejano-por-francisco-arias-solis-/])

Time Table

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1902–1917 Puente Genil/ Córdoba
Calle Campanas 10
Spends the first years of his life in the town of Puente Genil.
1903 Born in Puente Genil, Calle Cuesta del Romero 15.
1917–1930 Malaga
Spends a few years in Málaga, where he works for the Post Office. Becomes a close friend of Emilio Prados and Manuel Altolaguirre.
1925 Joins the Communist Party.
1925–1926 Melilla
Does military service in Africa.
1927–1930 Malaga
Works as a printer and as a librarian for the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País.
1930–1932 Madrid
Lives in Madrid, where he works as a secretary for the revolutionary publishing company Cenit, directed by Rafael Giménez Siles. Contributes to the journal Postguerra, also directed by Giménez Siles. Publishes in Nueva España, El Estudiante, Acción and La Gaceta Literaria.
Sep 1932 Malaga. Calle Alamos 36
Marries Carmen Marchal. Returns to Málaga.
Oct 1934–Feb 1937 Malaga
Chief editor of the newspaper El Popular. Press secretary to the Civil Government of Málaga. Contributes to the journal Frente Rojo.
Feb 1937–Jan 1939 Valencia
After the defeat of the Republican army in Málaga, he is forced to move to Valencia. Director of Frente Rojo.
9 Feb 1939 Port Bou
Leaves Spain.
10 Feb 1939–Apr 1939 Argelès-sur-Mer
Interned in the Argèles-sur-mer detention camp in France.
13 Jun 1939 Veracruz
Arrives in Mexico on board the ship Sinaia.
Jul 1939–1943 Mexico D. F. Calle Ignacio Mariscal
Shares the house with Emilio Prados. Writes for Taller, Ars, Cuadernos Americanos and Litoral. Co-founder and co-director of Romance.
1941 Mexico D. F. Calle Sullivan
Becomes a Mexican citizen.
1946–1957 Mexico D. F. Calle Emparan
Contributes to Las Españas and Ultramar and directs the Revista Mexicana de Cultura, literary suppplement of the newspaper El Nacional.
1950 Mexico D. F. Avenida Mazatlan
Begins a relationship with the exiled writer Luisa Carnés.
Oct 1952–Jun 1954 Nuevo Leon/Monterrey
Visiting lecturer at the University of Nuevo León.
1954 Mexico D. F.
Appointed member of the Central Commitee of the Spanish Communist Party.
Sep–Nov 1954 Prague
Attends the Spanish Communist Party conference.
1959 Peking
Travels to China as an observer of the Communist Party.
4 Feb 1964 Mexico D. F.
His partner Luisa Carnés dies in a car crash.
1969–1976 Mexico D. F. Calle Emparan
Directs the literary supplement of El Nacional once again.
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Fundación Juan Rejano
Website of the Fundación Juan Rejano, in Puente Genil, where the author's archive is kept. It provides important information on his work and life.
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