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César M. Muñoz Arconada [1898–1964]

Date of Birth: 5 Dec 1898 Astudillo/Palencia
Died: 1 May 1964 Moscow (age 65)

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1898–1919 Astudillo/Palencia
Spends his childhood and youth in the town of Astudillo, where his father is Mayor.
1919–1921 Palencia
Works for the Post Office in Palencia.
Apr 1920–Dec 1923 Palencia
Publishes his first articles, short stories and poems in the local newspaper El Diario Palentino.
Dec 1921 Madrid
Settles in Madrid, where he continues working for the Post Office.
1923 Madrid
Begins to publish his articles about music and cinema in the journal Alfar.
1928–1931 Madrid
Publishes in La Gaceta Literaria. Becomes its editor between January and September 1929.
1931 Madrid
Joins the Communist Party.
1931–1936 Madrid
Writes for several left-wing journals, such as Octubre, Nueva Cultura, Leviatán, Frente Literario and Mundo Obrero.
1933 Madrid
Collaborates with Rafael Alberti and María Teresa León in founding the Communist journal Octubre.
Oct 1934 Oviedo
Reports on the October Revolution in Asturias.
Jul–Dec 1936 Oviedo
When the war starts, he is on duty in the Basque Country. He is soon sent to Asturias as war correspondent for the newspaper Mundo Obrero.
1938 Madrid
Awarded the National Literature Prize for his novel Río Tajo.
1939–1964 Moscow
Settles in the Soviet Union, where he lives for the rest of his life.
1940 Moscow
Director of the Spanish edition of the journal Literatura Soviética, where he publishes a large number of articles and poems.
1941 Moscow
Marries the exile María Cánovas.
1941 Moscow
Begins to work for the publishing house “Progress” in the foreign languages department.
1956 Peking
Stays in China for four months.
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