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Joan Merli [1901–1995]
Julián Gorkin [1901–1987] Politican, writer and socialist revolutionary, born Julián Gómez García. The pseudonym…
1901–1909 Enrique Díez Canedo
Appointed professor of History of Art in the Arts School and Fench language and literature in…
1901–1904 Pablo Picasso
Picasso's 'Blue Period'.
1901 Pedro Garfias
Born in Salamanca to Antonio Garfias Domínguez and M. Dolores Zurita Chía.
1901 Ramón J. Sender
Born in Aragón, the third of nineteen children, of whom only ten survive.
1901 Pau Casals
Began touring the USA annually
Ramón J. Sender [1901–1982] Spanish novelist and dramatist exiled in the USA.
Mar–Sep 1901 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Admitted to a sanatorium in Burdeos, where he recovers from a nervous crisis brought on by his…
Julián Bautista [1901–1961]
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