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1903–1930 Jacinto Grau
Writes a number of plays, including 'El conde Alarcos', 'El señor de Pigmalión', 'Don Juan de…
1903–1908 Alejandro Casona
Spends the first years of his life in a small village in Asturias, Northern Spain.
1903–1908 Pedro Salinas
Receives his secondary education at the Instituto Nacional San Isidro. Meets Guillermo de Torre.
1903–1905 Josep Carner
Edits the journal Catalunya.
1903 Ramón J. Sender
The family moves to Alcolea de Cinca, his parents' home town.
1903 Juan Rejano
Born in Puente Genil, Calle Cuesta del Romero 15.
Alejandro Casona [1903–1965]
Apr 1903–Feb 1904 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Co-founds and directs the journal Helios, which publishes the work of many of the most important…
Jul 1903–Aug 1914 Max Aub
Born in Paris, he spends his childhood years in the city. Receives his primary education at the…
Max Aub [1903–1972] Playwright and screenwriter exiled in Mexico. One of the authors to have been most…
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