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Arturo Serrano Plaja [1909–1979]
1909–1915 Luis Cernuda
Primary education and first year of secondary education at San Ramón school.
1909–1914 José Herrera Petere
Lives with his family.
1909–1911 Enrique Díez Canedo
Lives in Paris. Works as secretary to the ambassador of Ecuador and writes articles for Nouvelle…
1909–1910 Américo Castro
Carries out his military service serving in military offices in Madrid.
1909–1910 Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao
Doctoral studies in Madrid. Takes part in the III Exposición Nacional de Humoristas and becomes…
1909 Jorge Guillén
Ends his Secondary School at Instituto Zorrilla.
1909 Ramón J. Sender
The family moves to Zaragoza, where Ramón begins his secondary schooling in 1911.
1909 Isabel Oyarzábal de Palencia
Marries dramatist Ceferino Palencia, who casts her in his play 'Pepita Tudó'.
1909 María Zambrano
The family moves to Segovia, when her father is appointed professor of Spanish Grammar at the…
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