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Luís Seoane [1910–1979] Galician artist (illustrator, lithographer and muralist), poet, dramatist and publisher exiled in…
1910–1915 León Felipe
Gives up his business after falling into debt. Works as an actor with an itinerant troupe along…
1910–1914 Américo Castro
Appointed first director of the Department of Lexicography of the newly-founded Centro de…
1910–1914 Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao
Collaborates in establishing and contributes to the weekly El Barbero Municipal, attacking the…
1910–1912 Martínez Torner, Eduardo
Wrote music compositions based on folk music
1910–1911 Arturo Barea
Works as a shop assistant.
1910–1911 José Moreno Villa
Settles in Madrid. Publishes articles and poems in several newspapers. Travels along Castille and…
1910 Juan Chabás
Moves to Madrid.
1910 Rosa Chacel
The family enters into some money and is able to move house.
1910 Pedro Salinas
Begins to attend the tertulias at the "Ateneo" and several cafes. Meets Enrique Díez Canedo,…
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