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Joan Grijalbo [1911–2002]
Alvaro Arauz [1911–1970] Dramatist and translator exiled in Mexico.
1911–1916 José Moreno Villa
Gets a job for the art section of the "Centro de Estudios Históricos".
Jan 1911–Aug 1916 Pedro Garfias
His father's job takes them to Cabra, where he attends the Instituto General y Técnico.
1911–1913 Alejandro Casona
Attends primary school.
1911 Corpus Barga
Returns to Madrid.
1911 Jorge Guillén
Attends religious school in Freiburg, where he learns French.
1911 Américo Castro
PhD at the University of Madrid with a thesis titled "Contribución al estudio del dialecto…
1911 Pedro Salinas
Begins to publish his poems in journals such as Prometeo, España, and later in La Pluma and Los…
1911 Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao
Gives a conference on his cartoons in Vigo.
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