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Manuel Andújar [1913–1994] Spanish writer exiled in Mexico. His work remained unpublished in Spain until 1986.
Álvaro Custodio [1913–1992] Dramatist, cinema critic and television scriptwriter exiled in Mexico.
1913–1928 José Antonio Rial
Family moves to Gran Canaria, where he spends his childhood and adolescence. Studies Business and…
1913–1921 María Zambrano
Attends Secondary school at the Instituto de Segovia.
1913–1918 Américo Castro
Publishes articles in several journals in America, such as Nosotros and Hispania.
1913–1917 Manuel Andújar
Spends his early childhood in La Carolina.
1913–1916 Alejandro Casona
Lives in Gijón, where he attends the Instituto Jovellanos from 1914.
1913–1915 Américo Castro
Assistant lecturer at the University of Madrid.
1913–1914 Jorge Guillén
Travels to Germany
1913–1914 Josep Carner
Edits the journal Catalunya once again.
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