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Amparo Alvajar [1916–1998] Monçao/Portugal
José María Camps [1916–1975]
María Luisa Algarra [1916–1957] Catalan dramatist involved in the French Resistance during the Second World War, exiled in Mexico.
1916–1930 José Moreno Villa
Begins to publish articles and poems in Revista de Occidente, España and the newspaper El Sol.
1916–1921 José Moreno Villa
Works for the publishing house Calleja by suggestion of Juan Ramón Jiménez.
1916–1921 Jesús Izcaray
Because his aunts move to Madrid to set uo a hostel, he goes with them.
1916–1920 Roberto Gerhard
After the death of Granados, Gerhard took piano lessons from another of his teacher's pupils,…
1916–1919 Paulino Masip
Studies to become a teacher and obtains a degree.
1916–1918 Pedro Garfias
Goes to University to study Law, Philosophy and Letters. Comes into contact with the Anarchist…
1916–1917 Corpus Barga
Correspondant for La Correspondencia de España.
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