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Benito Milla [1918–1987]
Arturo Soria [1918–1980]
1918–1924 Pedro Garfias
Publishes his poems in most literary journals of the 'ultraista' movement, such as Los Quijotes,…
1918–1922 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Secondary education in the Instituto San Isidro.
1918–1920 Luis Cernuda
After his father's retirement, they move to a new home.
1918–1920 Rosa Chacel
Starts to enter into literary circles in Madrid, after meeting Aurora de Albornoz. Attends the…
1918–1919 Francisco Ayala
Secondary Education at the Escolapios school
1918 Pedro Garfias
Moves to Madrid.
1918 Ramón J. Sender
Runs away from home and goes to Madrid, where he is homeless for a time. Starts to publish…
1918 Ramón J. Sender
Begins university studies in Philosophy and Letters, which he never completes. Becomes involved…
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