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1919–1922 Juan Chabás
Publishes his poems in the journals Cervantes, España, Índice, Ultra, Tableros and Horizonte.
1919–1922 Ramón J. Sender
Aged 18, directs the newspaper La Tierra for the Asociación de Labradores y Ganaderos del Alto…
1919–1922 Ernestina de Champourcín
Secondary education at the Instituto Cisneros.
1919–1922 Lecuona Casado, Ernesto
Co-directed the orchestra of Eulogio Velasco's company. Composed more than ten revistas premiered…
1919–1921 César M. Muñoz Arconada
Works for the Post Office in Palencia.
1919–1920 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Works as a shop assistant for a furniture store.
1919 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Emigrates to Buenos Aires, where he lives for a number of years.
1919 Luis Cernuda
Begins his studies in Law at the University of Seville, where he meets Pedro Salinas.
1919 Ramón J. Sender
His father, with whom he has a difficult relationship, makes him return to Aragon.
1919 María Zambrano
Antonio Machado comes to Segovia to teach History of Spanish Literature at the Instituto de…
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