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Alejandro Finisterre [1920–2007]
1920–1935 Enrique Díez Canedo
Attends the tertulia of "Café Regina", where he meets Valle-Inclán, Manuel Azaña, Rivas…
1920–1933 Américo Castro
Regular contributor to the newspapers El Sol, in Madrid, La Nación, in Buenos Aires, and…
1920–1931 Antonio Espina
Publishes articles in El Sol, Luz, Crisol España, Grecia, La Pluma, Alfar, Litoral, Verso y…
1920–1930 Lorenzo Varela
His family move again, this time to Buenos Aires, where he attends primary school.
1920–1922 Alejandro Casona
Studies Philosophy and Letters at the Universities of Oviedo and Murcia.
1920–1922 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Regularly attends the "tertulia" at Café Armonía.
1920 María Teresa León
Marries Gonzalo de Sebastián.
1920 Luis Cernuda
His father dies. The family move.
1920 Rafael Dieste
Returns to Rianxo and to his studies.
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