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José Martín Elizondo [1922–2009] Basque writer and playwright who goes into exile in France during the 1940s. Founding member of…
Manuel Lamana [1922–1996] Novelist and essayist exiled in Argentina.
1922–1926 Alejandro Casona
Studies teaching at the Escuela Superior de Magisterio and begins studying Medicine.
1922–1926 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Studies Law at the University of Madrid.
1922–1925 Josep Ferrater Mora
Studies at Santa Maria del Collel School.
1922–1925 Ernestina de Champourcín
Studies to become librarian.
1922–1923 Antonio Espina
Works as editor for Heraldo de Madrid.
1922 Rafael Alberti
First poems published in the journal Horizonte. Exhibits his paintings at the Ateneo de Madrid.
1922 Francisco Ayala
Moves with his family to Madrid. Calle Lope de Vega 4
1922 Juan Chabás
Teaches Spanish Literature at the Centro de Estudios Históricos.
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