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1923–1934 Corpus Barga
Writes for some of the best cultural journals in Spain: Índice, Revista de Occidente, La Gaceta…
1923–1928 Pedro Garfias
Returns to Andalusia.
1923–1925 Jorge Guillén
Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Murcia.
1923–1925 Roberto Gerhard
Studied with Arnold Schoenberg in Vienna, where he met his future wife Leopoldina Feichtegger…
1923–1924 Américo Castro
Lectures in universities of Argentina and Chile. Founder and first director of the "Instituto de…
1923 Manuel Altolaguirre
Begins publishing the journal Ambos, in collaboration with José María Souvirón, Emilio Prados…
1923 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Founded the journal Terra.
1923 José Gaos
Degree in Philosophy at the University of Madrid. He was taught by José Ortega y Gasset and…
1923 Mercè Rodoreda
Starts publishing articles for newspapers such as La Veu de Catalunya, La Publicitat and Mirador.
1923 Esteban Salazar Chapela
Publishes his first articles in the journal Ambos, directed by his friends José María…
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