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1925–1936 Max Aub
Takes over his father's business with great success. Frequent trips to Madrid, where he meets…
1925–1935 Jesús Bal y Gay
Covers music events in Madrid for the Vigo-based newspaper El Pueblo Gallego
1925–1930 José Moreno Villa
Attends the tertulias of "La Granja del Henar", where he ususally meets Azaña, Negrín,…
1925–1929 Josep Ferrater Mora
Works as a bank clerk and does other casual work to finance his secondary studies.
1925–1928 José Gaos
Teaches German language at the Official Language School.
1925–1928 Roberto Gerhard
Studied with Schoenberg at the Preussische Akademie der Künste, Berlin
1925–1926 Juan Rejano
Does military service in Africa.
1925 Manuel Altolaguirre
Founds the printing company Imprenta Sur in cooperation with Emilio Prados.
1925 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Begins to work for the newspaper La Nación.
1925 Juan José Domenchina
Joins the Acción Republicana party, led by Manuel Azaña.
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