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1926–1936 María de la O Lejárraga
Becomes involved in the feminist Lyceum Club of Madrid.
1926–1936 Salvador Bacarisse
Artistic Director of Music in Unión Radio
1926–1931 José Ramón Arana
Lives in Barcelona, where he works in a factory.
1926–1931 José Herrera Petere
University studies in Law.
1926–1928 María Teresa León
Lives in Burgos.
Jan 1926–1928 Virgilio Botella Pastor
After passing civil service exams, he obtains a post in the Cuerpo de Intendencia de la Armada
1926–1927 Paulino Masip
Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper El Heraldo Riojano. Primo de Rivera's government…
1926 Manuel Altolaguirre
First issue of the journal Litoral, founded by Altolaguirre and Prados.
1926 Juan Chabás
Is expelled from Italy due to his articles about the Fascist Regime, which are published in the…
1926 Esteban Salazar Chapela
Attends the tertulias of Revista de Occidente, where he becomes a close friend of Francisco Ayala…
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