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1927–1933 Luís Seoane
Becomes active in republicanist and regionalist left-wing parties, including the Partido…
1927–1931 Ernestina de Champourcín
Writes articles for El Heraldo, La Época, Ahora and La voz en el viento.
1927–1930 Juan Rejano
Works as a printer and as a librarian for the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País.
1927–1929 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Moves to the Calle Velásquez.
1927–1928 Rafael Dieste
Travels to the UK, where he stays with his much older brother Eduardo Dieste, Uruguayan consul in…
1927 Rafael Alberti
Takes part in the organization of a homage to Góngora. Meets Manuel de Falla.
1927 Francisco Ayala
Publishes his first articles in Revista de Occidente and La Gaceta Literaria
1927 Ernestina de Champourcín
Joins the Literature Section of the Club Lyceum.
1927 Guillermo de Torre
Co-founder of La Gaceta Literaria. Becomes its secretary.
1927 Ramón J. Sender
Imprisoned in the Modelo prison for revolutionary activites against General Primo de Rivera's…
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