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1928–1935 Agustí Bartra
Works in the textile industry.
1928–1933 Josep Carner
Writes for La Publicitat and El Sol.
1928–1933 Paulino Masip
Publishes articles in many newspapers and magazines: Estampa, Ahora and El Sol. Publishes his…
1928–1933 José Ricardo Morales
Attends secondary school at the Institute Luis Vives, later called Blasco Ibáñez.
1928–1931 Esteban Salazar Chapela
Writes literary criticism for La Gaceta Literaria, El Sol and other publications. Writes about…
1928–1931 César M. Muñoz Arconada
Publishes in La Gaceta Literaria. Becomes its editor between January and September 1929.
1928–1931 León Felipe
Returns to Mexico, where he works as a librarian in Veracruz.
1928–1930 Alejandro Casona
Appointed Primary Education Inspector in a small mountain village.
1928–1930 José Gaos
Teaches at Secondary School.
1928–1930 Pedro Salinas
Obtains permission from the University of Seville to become a researcher at the Centro de…
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