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1929–1938 Robert Gerhard
1929–1936 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Moves to the Calle Padilla.
1929–1936 María Zambrano
Becomes close friends with Jiménez de Asúa and Fernando de los Ríos.
1929–1936 Josep Ferrater Mora
Works as an editor and translator for advertising agencies and publishing companies.
1929–1933 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Publishes poems and narrative pieces in the journals Nós and Ciudad.
1929–1932 Jesús Izcaray
Returns to Madrid, where he serves as a soldier.
1929–1931 Concha Méndez
Writes articles for La Gaceta Literaria.
1929–1931 Esteban Salazar Chapela
Works for the powerul publishing company CIAP.
1929–1930 Manuel Andújar
Studies at the School of Commerce, in Málaga. Founds a section of the leftist students'…
Jan 1929–Oct 1930 Juan Chabás
Lives in Barcelona, where he writes articles for the Diario de Barcelona and La Gaceta Literaria.
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