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Luis Rius [1930–1984]
1930–1939 Paulino Masip
Lives in Madrid, where he attends the tertulias of La Granja del Henar.
1930–1937 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
Carried on his training under Otero, Pericet and Frasquillo, and toured Spain together with…
1930–1936 Pedro Salinas
Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Madrid.
1930–1935 Emilio Prados
Devotes himself to developing literacy amongst the poor and organisation of fishermen's trade union.
1930–1933 José Gaos
Professor of the University of Zaragoza.
1930–1932 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Works in the Legal Department with Álvaro de Albornoz, a close political ally of his father's.
1930–1932 Juan Rejano
Lives in Madrid, where he works as a secretary for the revolutionary publishing company Cenit,…
1930–1932 José Antonio Rial
Family moves to San Cruz de Tenerife. Rial returns to the Canary Islands and works for the La…
1930–1931 Rafael Giménez Siles
Co-founds the political journal Nueva España with Joaquín Arderius.
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