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Teresa Gracia [1932–2001] Interned in detention camps in France after leaving Barcelona with her parents in 1939.
1932–1967 Arturo Serrano Plaja
Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Minnesota.
1932–1938 Roberto Gerhard
Head of the music department, Biblioteca de Catalunya. There, he edited the works of 18th-century…
1932–1936 Luis Cernuda
Contributes to the journals Héroe and Octubre and the newspaper Heraldo de Madrid.
1932–1936 Guillermo de Torre
Lives in Madrid. Writes for El Sol, Revista de Occidente, La Vie des Lettres and L’Esprit Nouveau.
1932–1936 Josep Ferrater Mora
Studies Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.
1932–1936 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Jefe de Administración del Cuerpo de Intervención Civil de la Marina.
1932–1936 Eugenio Imaz
Settles in Madrid. Works as a translator for Revista de Occidente and becomes secretary of the…
1932–1936 Agustí Bartra
Publishes his articles and poems in the journals Amic and Mirador.
1932–1935 José Ricardo Morales
Studies Teaching and Philosophy at the University of Valencia.
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