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Fausto Verdial [1933–2008]
Agustín Gómez Arcos [1933–1998] Spanish anarchist, dramatist and novelist, winner of the Prix Hermès and twice a finalist for…
1933–1936 Eugenio Imaz
Secretary of the jornal 'Cruz y Raya and the Publishing House Ediciones del Árbol, both directed…
1933–1936 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Writes for the newspaper El Pueblo Gallego
1933–1935 Manuel Altolaguirre
Receives a scholarship from the Centro de Estudios Históricos. He and his wife travel to the UK,…
1933–1935 Concha Méndez
She lives in London with her husband.
1933–1935 Jesús Izcaray
Works for the newspaper Luz, which was directed by Corpus Barga. He mainly conducts interviews to…
1933–1935 Mercè Rodoreda
Publishes articles, interviews and stories in the journal Clarisme.
1933–1935 José Antonio Rial
Elected director of the Ateneo in Santa Cruz, which publishes the surrealist Gaceta del Arte.…
1933–1934 José Herrera Petere
Writes for the magazine Octubre.
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