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1934–1939 José Ricardo Morales
Before and during the war meets other important Republican intellectuals such as Juan Gil-Albert,…
1934–1937 José Ricardo Morales
University studies in Philosophy, interrupted by the outbreak of war.
1934–1936 Arturo Serrano Plaja
His poems are published in Octubre, Frente Literario and Caballo Verde para la Poesía.
1934–1936 León Felipe
In Panama, works as a university lecturer in Literature and is appointed cultural attaché to the…
1934–1936 Julio Alejandro
Back in the navy, he serves as right-hand man to José Giral (Minister of the Navy) and then…
1934–1935 Ramón J. Sender
Lives with his partner, Amparo Barayón.
1934 Francisco Ayala
Starts writing for the newspaper El Sol.
1934 Francisco Ayala
Moves. His daughter Nina is born
1934 Luis Cernuda
Continues to collaborate in the Misiones Pedagógicas.
1934 Alejandro Casona
Wins the Lope de Vega Prize for his play La sirena varada.
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