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1935–1936 Manuel Altolaguirre
Establishes a new press, La Verónica, which publishes the well-known journal Caballo Verde para…
1935–1936 Lorenzo Varela
Co-founder of the literary journal PAN. Publishes his articles of literary criticism in the…
Jan 1935–Mar 1936 Arturo Barea
Campaigns in favour of the Socialist Party.
1935 Carlos Blanco
Goes to primary school
1935 Josep Carner
His wife dies in the Lebanon.
1935 Enrique Díez Canedo
Is appointed Member of the Spanish Academy.
1935 Rafael Dieste
Writes for the journal PAN.
1935 José Ricardo Morales
Joins the "Federación Universitaria Española", a left-wing student organisation.
1935 Tomás Segovia
Starts primary school at the Lycée Français in Madrid.
1935 Arturo Serrano Plaja
Co-founder, with César M. Arconada and Emilio Delgado, of the journal El Tiempo Presente.
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