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1936–1943 José Antonio Rial
His early works are lost due to police raids on his house by fascist militia. During his seven…
1936–1939 Josep Ferrater Mora
Joins the Republican Army during the war.
1936–1939 José Gaos
Is appointed director of the University of Madrid.
1936–1939 Jesús Izcaray
War correspondant for Ahora, Estampa -as chief editor-, Mundo Obrero -as sub-director- and Frente…
1936–1939 José Ricardo Morales
Participates in the Theatre Company El Búho, directed by Max Aub, writing his first plays for…
1936–1939 José Ricardo Morales
Fights for the Republic during the Civil War under the orders of the Mexican artist David…
1936–1939 Segundo Serrano Poncela
Leader of the "Juventudes Socialistas Unificadas"
1936–1939 Arturo Serrano Plaja
Serves as a soldier. Publishes his verses in Hora de España.
1936–1939 Manuel Altolaguirre
Join the XI Corps of the Eastern Republican Army.
1936–1939 Jacinto Grau
Representative of the Spanish Republican government in Panama.
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