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1936–1939 María José de Chopitea
Works as a telephonist in the Hotel Majéstic in Barcelona. Becomes a surgical volunteer at the…
1936–1939 (Juan de Lara) Alvaro Fernández Suárez
Goes to Geneva as government representative to the League of Nations as part of the panel of…
1936–1939 Cástor Narvarte
Volunteers in the Basque-Navarre batallion. Joins the Acción Nacionalista Vasca.
1936–1939 Luisa Carnés
Writes for magazines and periodicals including Estampa, Crónica, La Voz and El Sol and edits…
1936–1939 Rafael Giménez Siles
Founds the Nuestro Pueblo publishing house, which publishes works by authors including…
1936–1939 Fornés, Rosa
During the Civil War, moved with her parents to Cuba
1936–1938 Manuel Altolaguirre
Publishes the journals Hora de España and El Mono Azul during the civil war.
1936–1938 Enrique Díez Canedo
During the war, cooperates with the journal Hora de España. He directs the magazine Madrid and…
1936–1937 José Moreno Villa
Writes for the magazine Hora de España
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