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6 Nov 1936 Segundo Serrano Poncela
Joins the Communist Party
8 Nov 1936–Nov 1938 Ernestina de Champourcín
Leaves Madrid towards Valencia. Publishes in Hora de España.
11 Nov 1936 Beginning of battle for Madrid with establishment of Casa de Campo and Ciudad Universitaria front
22 Nov 1936–Jul 1937 Max Aub
Appointed cultural attaché to the Spanish Embassy in Paris.
Dec 1936–Nov 1937 Emilio Prados
Is set by the Republican government to Valencia, to get in charge of the "Ediciones Españolas".…
Dec 1936–Sep 1937 Paulino Masip
Settles in Barcelona, where he starts working for La Vanguardia.
Dec 1936–Aug 1937 José Ramón Arana
Appointed member of the Regional Government of Aragón, which was located in Caspe.
1–31 Dec 1936 Belgian socialist party creates Comité National pour l'Hébergement des Enfants Espagnoles en…
Dec 1936 José Bergamín
Appointed Cultural Attaché to the Spanish Embassy in Paris by Luis Araquistain.
Dec 1936 Manuel Altolaguirre
Moves to Valencia, and is involved in the launch of the journal Hora de España.
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