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1937–1948 Gustavo Pittaluga
Conducted concerts throughout Latin America (Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Caracas)
Jan 1937–Jan 1939 Jorge Semprún
Moves to Amsterdam during the war. His father had been appointed ambassador of the Republic in…
1937–1938 Aveli Artis-Gener
Co-directs the journal Véncer!
1937–1938 Corpus Barga
Writes for Republican journals such as El Mono Azul, Hora de España,
1937–1938 José Herrera Petere
Directs the journal Milicia Popular.
1937–1938 Josep Ferrater Mora
Takes up an administrative post in Barcelona for the Republican army. Works as a guide for…
1937–1938 José Ricardo Morales
Becomes a director of the theatre copmpany "El Búho".
1937 Rafael Alberti
Takes part in the organization of the II International Antifascist Writers Congress. Travels to…
1937 Arturo Barea
During the war in Madrid, he serves as a censor of foreign correspondents. Meets John Dos Passos,…
1937 Pere Calders
Joins the PSUC. Volunteers for the Republican Army as a military cartographer. Finalist for the…
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