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1938–1955 José Moreno Villa
Settles in Mexico City.
1938–1939 León Felipe
Leaves Spain for Paris. He will remain in voluntary exile for the rest of his life.
Jan 1938–Jan 1939 María Zambrano
Stays in Barcelona. Gives a course on Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. Writes articles…
Jan 1938–Jan 1939 Juan José Domenchina
Becomes Secretary of the Republican Party and of President Azaña's Diplomatic Cabinet.
1938 Rafael Alberti
Joins the Republican Air Force as a volunteer.
1938 Aveli Artis-Gener
Joins the Republican Army as a volunteer.
1938 Arturo Barea
Goes into exile in Paris.
1938 Luis Cernuda
The poet Stanley Richardson arranges for him to give lectures in Oxford and Cambridge. Tutors a…
1938 Juan Chabás
Marries the French journalist and writer Simone Téry.
1938 José Gaos
Member of the Honour Legion in France.
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