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1938 Jesús Izcaray
Appointed Chief Editor of "Mundo Obrero".
1938 Rafael Dieste
Joins the Republican Army.
1938 Paulino Masip
Press attaché to the Spanish Republican Embassy in France.
1938 Concha Méndez
Returns to Barcelona to meet her husband who had been fighting inthe Civil War.
1938 Manuel Andújar
Marries Dolores.
1938 Alejandro Casona
Visits Cuba, where he gives lectures and his play El crimen de don Arturo is performed. Romance…
1938 José Herrera Petere
Awarded National Prize of Literature for Acero de Madrid.
1938 Max Aub
Involved in filming Sierra de Teruel with André Malraux, a film about the Spanish civil war, for…
1938 Max Aub
Appointed General Secretary to the National Theatre Council.
1938 Juan José Domenchina
Member of the Editorial Board of Hora de España.
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