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Antonio Machado [1875–1939]
1939–1969 Víctor Ruiz Añibarro
Writes for a number of journals and newspapers in Argentina, including Nación Vasca, Aquí…
1939–1968 León Felipe
Settles down in Mexico City, where he teaches Spanish Literature.
1939–1964 César M. Muñoz Arconada
Settles in the Soviet Union, where he lives for the rest of his life.
1939–1962 Emilio Prados
Lives in Mexico, where he works as a teacher at Luis Vives school.
1939–1962 Pere Calders
He spends 23 years in Mexico, writing some of his best works during this time. Works in Mexico…
1939–1954 Maruxa Vilalta
Arrives in Mexico City, where the family remains. Maruxa adopts Mexican nationality in 1940. She…
1939–1948 Robert Gerhard
1939–1947 José Rubia Barcia
Exiled first in France, then in Cuba and finally in the United States. In Havana he creates the…
1939–1945 Josep Carner
Loyal to the Republic and therefore unable to return to Spain, Carner moves to Mexico with his…
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