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1939–1945 Negrín establishes his base in England together with some of his supporters.
1939–1944 Enrique Díez Canedo
Lives in Mexico, where he publishes several books. Attends the tertulia in "Café Colón"
Jan 1939–Aug 1943 Luis Cernuda
Lector at the University of Glasgow. Gives lectures in other UK universities. Short stays in…
1939–1942 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Lives in Miami, where he is hospitalised with depression.
1939–1941 Manuel Lamana
Interned in the Argèles camp with his family.
1939–1940 María Teresa León
Exiled in Paris, where she and Alberti work as translators and radio presenters.
1939 Rafael Alberti
Arrives in Paris via Oran and Marseille on board the ship EL Mendoza. Alberti and Maria Teresa…
1939 Francisco Ayala
Arrives in Valparaíso
1939 José Bergamín
Founds the publishing company Seneca
1939 José Bergamín
Founds the journal España Peregrina
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