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1940–1943 Jesús Izcaray
Attends regularly the tertulia of "El Papagayo".
1940–1942 Eugenio Imaz
Appointed professor of La Casa de España/El Colegio de México.
1940–1942 Jesús Bal y Gay
Worked for the Casa de España, later Colegio de México
1940–1941 José Ramón Arana
Lives in the Dominican Republic.
1940 Carlos Blanco
Some long passage of text Goes to high school
1940 Rafael Alberti
Alberti leaves for America with León. They arrive in Buenos Aires, where they meet other Spanish…
1940 Rafael Alberti
Settles in Buenos Aires after obtaining a residency permit.
1940 José Ramón Arana
First exile. Arrives in Martinique on board the ship La Salle
1940 Jesús Izcaray
Appointed Chief Editor of "España Popular".
1940 Lorenzo Varela
Co-founder and co-director with Antonio Sánchez Barbudo of the journal Romance. Works regularly…
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