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1941–1962 Paulino Masip
Works as a translator. Writes for the journals Romance, España Peregrina, Litoral and Las Españas.
1941–1955 Paulino Masip
Writes more than fifty screenplays for the Mexican cinema.
1941–1950 Rosa Chacel
Writes for the newspaper La Nación and the journals Sur, Realidad and Los Anales de Buenos…
1941–1948 Lorenzo Varela
Travels to Argentina, where he settles down.
1941–1947 Josep Ferrater Mora
Settles in Chile. Works for the University of Santiago as a lecturer in Philosophy. Gives several…
1941–1947 Lorenzo Varela
Publishes his articles in many journals, including Sur and Cabalgata. Works for various…
1941–1946 Agustí Bartra
Works for several publications in the Americas: El Nacional, Excelsior, Las Españas (Mexico);…
1941 Rafael Alberti
Alberti and León’s first daughter, Aitana, is born.
1941 José Ramón Arana
Arrives in Mexico
1941 Francisco Ayala
Works for the Publishing houses Losada and Sudamericana as a translator and collections editor.
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