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1943–1960 Max Aub
Regularly publishes articles for the Mexican press, including Excelsior.
1943–1953 Isabel Oyarzábal de Palencia
Contributes to a number of Mexican newspapers and in publications produced by Spaniards in exile,…
1943–1949 Jesús Bal y Gay
Worked as a journalist for the British Propaganda Office
1943–1946 Max Aub
Writes a number of screenplays for Mexican cinema.
1943–1945 María Zambrano
Lives in Puerto Rico. Lecturer at the University of Ríos Piedras.
1943–1945 José Ramón Arana
Writes regularly for the newspaper El Popular.
1943–1945 Juan José Domenchina
Publishes a number of articles in the newspaper Hoy under the title of "Pasión y muerte de la…
1943 Manuel Altolaguirre
Re-founds the journal Litoral in collaboration with Moreno Villa, Prados, Rejano and Francisco…
1943 Américo Castro
Obtains American citizenship.
1943 Rafael Alberti
Gives lectures in various parts of Argentina.
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