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1947–1977 José Herrera Petere
Lives in Switzerland.
1947–1952 Ernestina de Champourcín
Works as a translator of books and conferences.
1947–1952 Juan José Domenchina
Works as a translator and interpreter.
1947–1951 Tomás Segovia
Gives up Medicine in favour of "Letras" at the UNAM.
1947 Juan Chabás
Appointed the Chair in Literature at the Universidad Central in Venezuela and the School of…
1947 Corpus Barga
Writes for the Argentinian journals Realidad and Cabalgata, founded by the exiles Francisco Ayala…
1947 Lorenzo Varela
Meets Estela Canto, who becomes his partner.
1947 José Ricardo Morales
Professor at the University of Santiago de Chile.
1947 María de la O Lejárraga
Gregorio dies of stomach cancer. María has cataracts and is unable to see or write.
1947 José Martín Elizondo
Goes into exile in France.
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