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1948–1975 Corpus Barga
Lives in Peru. Writes for several newspapers of Perú, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina
1948–1967 Corpus Barga
Professor of the School of Journalism of the University of San Marcos.
1948–1954 Tomás Segovia
Works as a teacher for the Institut Français d' Amérique Latine and the Alliance Française and…
1948–1954 Tomás Segovia
Teaches French at the Intitut Français d' Amérique Latine.
1948–1952 Lorenzo Varela
Lives in Uruguay, at the Albertis' house.
1948–1950 Max Aub
Founds the journal Sala de Espera.
1948 Manuel Altolaguirre
Marries Maria Luisa Gomez Mena.
1948 Arturo Barea
Becomes a British citizen.
1948 María de la O Lejárraga
María begins to use her own name and claim authorship of previous works, in order to earn…
1948 Pablo Picasso
Moves to the South of France.
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