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Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao [1886–1950] Galician politician, writer, painter and cartoonist.
1950–1970 José Rubia Barcia
His anti-Francoist broadcasts and newspaper articles during the McCarthy era result in his…
1950–1959 María Teresa León
During the 1950s the couple undertakes a number of trips around Europe and travel to China in…
1950–1953 Manuel Altolaguirre
Founds Producciones Isla. Starts to direct films (including El condenado por desconfiado, Doña…
1950–1952 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
Participated in the film Niebla y sol, for which Antonio created the choreography El hombre y las…
1950 Rafael Alberti
Travels to Warsaw as a delegate for the World Peace Congress.
1950 Francisco Ayala
Moves to Puerto Rico. Holds the chair of Sociology in the University of Rio Piedras
1950 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Travels throughout Chile at the invitation of its Government, which awards him the O'Higgins…
1950 Juan Rejano
Begins a relationship with the exiled writer Luisa Carnés.
1950 José María Camps
?date? Moves to Mexico, where he establishes himself as a dramatist.
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