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1953–1973 Álvaro Custodio
Director of the Compañía del Teatro Clásico de México.
1953–1967 Pedro Garfias
Several periods in hospital due to alcoholism.
1953–1962 Jorge Semprún
Illegally returns to Madrid to lead the clandestine activities of the Communist Party.
1953–1960 José Ramón Arana
In association with González Porto founds and directs the magazine Crisol.
1953 Rafael Alberti
Visits the Soviet Union as well as other Eastern European countries. Publishes Ora marítima in…
1953 Francisco Ayala
Founds the journal La Torre
1953 Tomás Segovia
Marries the writer Inés Arredondo.
1953 Pedro Garfias
He is divorced from his wife.
1953 (Juan de Lara) Alvaro Fernández Suárez
His book of short stories, Se abre una puerta... is published by Sur.
1953 Juan Miguel de Mora
Takes Nazkará to the Cannes film festival.
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