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Eduardo Dieste [1881–1954]
Juan Chabás [1900–1954] Writer, journalist, university lecturer and poet associated with the Generation of 1927. Exiled…
1954–1972 Mercè Rodoreda
Lives in Switzerland with her partner Armand Obiols, who is employed by the United Nations. She…
1954–1964 María Zambrano
Settles in Rome, where she often meets with other exiles, such as Diego de Mesa, Tomás Segovia,…
1954–1960 Luis Cernuda
Appointed lecturer at UNAM.
1954 José Bergamín
Leaves Montevideo for Paris.
1954 Pedro Garfias
Stays in Guanajuato, where he lectures at the University.
1954 Juan Rejano
Appointed member of the Central Commitee of the Spanish Communist Party.
1954 María José de Chopitea
Publishes a novel, Sola.
1954 (Juan de Lara) Alvaro Fernández Suárez
Appeals to the Spanish Embassy for permission to return to Spain. Permission is granted in spite…
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