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1956–1967 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Becomes ambassador for UNESCO. This leads him to travel throughout many countries, such as India…
1956–1967 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Writes for journals such as Ibérica, Política and República.
1956–1959 Américo Castro
Honorary Professor at the University of Texas
1956–1957 Manuel Andújar
Stays in Chile.
1956–1957 Arturo Barea
Writes articles for the Argentinian newspaper La Nación.
1956 Antonio Espina
Returns to Spain, where he finds a job for the publishing company Aguilar.
1956 Manuel Andújar
Andújar and Ananda Velasco are married.
1956 Alejandro Casona
Travels to Europe. Crosses the border to Barcelona for the first time since the Civil War to…
1956 Corpus Barga
Journey to Europe
1956 Lorenzo Varela
Marries Marika Gerstein.
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