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Arturo Barea [1897–1957]
María Luisa Algarra [1916–1957] Catalan dramatist involved in the French Resistance during the Second World War, exiled in Mexico.
1957–1973 Pau Casals
His activity was very intense during his last years. He gave recitals, taught and conducted
1957–1964 Jesús Bal y Gay
Music director of the radio station of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
1957–1960 Tomás Segovia
Works as a publisher for the Universidad Nacional de México.
1957 Rafael Alberti
Further trips to the Soviet Union and Romania.
1957 Francisco Ayala
Moves to New York. Teaches Spanish Literature in Princeton University.
1957 León Felipe
His wife dies.
1957 Juan Mateu
Travels to France on a tourist visa to work as a seasonal farm labourer. Offered a permanent post…
1957 Fernando Arrabal
Meets J.M. Serreau and his wife, who take an interest in his work.
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