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Jacinto Grau [1877–1958]
Juan Ramón Jiménez [1881–1958] Internationally renowned Spanish poet, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1956.
1958–1964 Jesús Bal y Gay
Teaches music at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
1958–1963 Antonio Espina
Writes articles for ABC. This ends when Espina publishes an article in El Tiempo, in Bogotá,…
1958–1959 Pere Calders
Writes and funds the publication of Fascicles literaris, a monthly journal on current affairs in…
1958 Francisco Ayala
Becomes a lecturer at Rutgers University.
1958 Mercè Rodoreda
Obtains the Victor Catalá prize for her book of short stories, Vint-i-dos contes.
1958 Jacinto Grau
Dies in Buenos Aires.
1958 Luís Seoane
Awarded the silver medal at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels.
1958 Luís Seoane
Awarded the Medalla del Senado de la Nación Argentina.
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