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Juan José Domenchina [1898–1959] Poet and literary critic.
Manuel Altolaguirre [1905–1959] Spanish poet associated with the Generation of 1927, dramatist and publisher. Exiled in Cuba and…
1959–1969 Américo Castro
Settles in California. Post-retirement appointment in the University of California.
1959–1969 Tomás Segovia
Director of the journal Revista Mexicana de Literatura.
1959–1966 Max Aub
Works for the Film Department at the UNAM.
1959–1961 Rosa Chacel
Stays in New York thanks to a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation for artists. She meets Jorge…
1959 Francisco Ayala
Becomes a lecturer at Bryn Mawr College
1959 José Ramón Arana
Divorces Dolores Arana.
1959 José Ramón Arana
Works for the bookshop and publishing company of González Porto.
1959 Juan Rejano
Travels to China as an observer of the Communist Party.
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