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César M. Muñoz Arconada [1898–1964]
Luisa Carnés [1905–1964] Journalist, dramatist, novelist and short-story writer exiled in Mexico. Largely unknown in Spain…
1964–1965 Cástor Narvarte
Travels to the University of Munich in Germany.
1964 Francisco Ayala
Begins teaching at University of New York.
1964 Francisco Ayala
Returns to Madrid more often. Buys a flat.
1964 Pere Calders
Receives the Sant Jordi Prize for Catalan Literature for L'ombre de L'atzavara.
1964 Jorge Semprún
Is expelled from the Communist Party because of his heterodoxy.
1964 Manuel Andújar
Travels to Spain for the first time since the war on behalf of the FCE.
1964 Virgilio Botella Pastor
His wife dies.
1964 José Ricardo Morales
Becomes a Chilean citizen.
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