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Pedro Garfias [1901–1967] Poet associated with the 'ultraísta' movement, exiled in Mexico.
1967–1977 Arturo Serrano Plaja
Appointed professor of Spanish Literature.
1967–1973 Cástor Narvarte
Teaches at the Universidad de Chile.
1967–1970 Roberto Gerhard
Awarded an honorary DMus by King's College, Cambridge and a fellowship at University College, London
1967 Rafael Alberti
Named Honoured Citizen of Reggio Emilia, where Alberti and León spend their Summers.
1967 Manuel Andújar
Returns to Spain. Starts working for the publishing company Alianza.
1967 José Ricardo Morales
First trip to Spain since the war.
1967 Juan Mateu
Returns definitively to Pedralba with Cora and their two children, Bruno and Corín.
1967 Fernando Arrabal
Detained in La Manga, Murcia in July; imprisoned, tried and released in August.
1967 Roberto Gerhard
Awarded a CBE
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