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José Gaos [1900–1969]
1969–1976 Juan Rejano
Directs the literary supplement of El Nacional once again.
1969 Rafael Alberti
Exhibition of his silk-screen prints: The lyricism of the alphabet.
1969 Agustí Bartra
Wins the Ciutat de Terrasa prize.
1969 Ramón J. Sender
Awarded the Planeta prize for his novel En la vida de Ignacio Morel.
1969 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Marries Dolores Fernández
1969 Teresa Gracia
Having lived in Venezuela and Italy, she settles in Rome and works for the FAO.
1969 José Antonio Rial
Publishes La Prisión de Fyffes, a novel about his years in prison after the civil war. Also…
1969 Fernando Arrabal
The police occupy the theatre where Los dos verdugos is to be performed (with Nuria Espert in the…
1969 Juan Miguel de Mora
Mora's last play, Emiliano Zapata, performed in French as La terre at the ORTF.
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