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Américo Castro [1885–1972]
Antonio Espina [1894–1972]
Max Aub [1903–1972] Playwright and screenwriter exiled in Mexico. One of the authors to have been most…
1972 Rafael Alberti
Exhibition in the Rondanini Gallery of Alberti's graphic and poetic work in commemoration of his…
1972 Ernestina de Champourcín
New trip to Madrid.
1972 Mercè Rodoreda
Returns definitively to Spain.
1972 Rosa Chacel
Third visit to Spain.
1972 Tomás Segovia
Appointed chief editor of the journal Plural.
1972 Agustín Gómez Arcos
Cena con Mr. and Mrs. Q performed as Dîner avec Mr. et Mrs. Q. Gómez-Arcos takes part in events…
1972 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
Appeared in the film El sombrero de tres picos
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