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Pau Casals [1876–1973]
Pablo Picasso [1881–1973] Cubist artist, painter of Guernica, poet and dramatist. Settled in France in 1904.
José Ramón Arana [1905–1973] Exiled first in France, where he was interned in a concentration camp, then in Mexico, where he…
1973–1978 Aveli Artis-Gener
Appointed General Secretary of PEN Club Catalá.
1973 Rafael Alberti
Appointed member of the II Russell Tribunal, formed in order to investigate crimes committed by…
1973 Francisco Ayala
Appointed chair of Spanish Literature in New York
1973 Aveli Artis-Gener
Travels to Moscow to attend the World Peace Congress
1973 María Zambrano
Returns to Rome.
1973 José Herrera Petere
Granted special permission to return to Spain for two months.
1973 Ernestina de Champourcín
Settles definetely in Madrid, where she continues writing and translating.
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